Humanity Is Entering A New Stage

criticalA question I received: Wanting to unite with others for personal benefit is an egoistic desire. How is it different from egoistic love?

My Answer: It differs by one’s understanding of the fact that we are living in a global, interconnected world, where everyone depends on everyone else, and all of us together exist in a unified network.

In the past, we lived according to the capitalistic law of profit, where one’s income depended on one’s abilities to use others, steal from them and cheat them in other ways. Some did this openly while others did it inconspicuously. However, now this law doesn’t work anymore. Now you have to take care of the same people whom you exploited in the past. You will reap benefits only to the extent that others are doing well.

It’s not easy to realize that we are all in one boat, and that anyone who causes harm on an individual level is actually hurting everyone. Once we realize this, we will enter a mutual guarantee, even though it will still be based on egoistic calculations. Nevertheless, when people connect to each other, then even if they do it egoistically, they will still begin to feel the influence of a spiritual force (the Light) inside this involuntary connection.

They will then begin to realize that this unification holds something higher than the material benefits they pursue – and people will then aspire to this higher fulfillment.

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  1. Dear Rav,

    my country is in dire straits at this point, due to a total economic and moral collapse which occurred last winter. The people are bewildered and desperate for solutions. I have been studying kabbalah for the past few months and I would be very grateful if you would share your thoughts on the following scenario:
    I saw an interview on the national tv channel with a world famous movie director who is going to give lectures here on transcendental meditation technique. He basically said that through this technique people would gain enlightenment, and if there were established groups who would meditate on a permanent basis, we would be able to resolve our crisis. Our nation is very quick to adapt to new ideas, and I would not be surprised if a great deal of people would start meditating right away.
    So my question is this, is there a possibility that this would be a benefit or even a resolution to our situation, or just an unrealistic approach?

    Best wishes, Hordur

  2. i live on the planet not a contry and i dont see eny contry at all. weak up:)

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