The Spiritual Goal Is the Same for Everyone

The Spiritual Goal Is the Same for EveryoneQuestions I received on attaining the root of one’s soul:

Question: If I haven’t solved my mundane problems, can I still solve the problems of my soul?

My Answer: Yes. In fact, this is the only way you can find out what your true mundane problems are.

Question: How can I tell what my spiritual goal is?

My Answer: It’s the same for everyone – to attain the root of one’s soul, the point from which the soul descended to our world.

Question: Why are Kabbalah studies only effective in a group? Can’t I practice unconditional bestowal with people who don’t even know that Kabbalah exists?

My Answer: It’s because the group gives you the goal and the power to attain it.

Question: In one of the morning lessons, you talked about seeing the souls as one whole. This reminded me of an interview I watched with a researcher who spent his entire life studying ants, and found that they they are an indivisible whole that works to achieve a common goal. Is this research analogous to a Kabbalist who reveals the goal of all the souls of Adam HaRishon and the connections between them?

My Answer: Yes. Kabbalah reveals the essence and path of every soul, the destinies of all the souls together, and their final state. The revelation takes place inside the person who attains, to the extent he is similar to the unique, eternal and perfect condition of “the merging of all the souls into one, with each other and with the Creator.”

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