The Meaning of Spiritual and Physical Tears

The Meaning of Spiritual and Physical TearsQuestions I received on tears and crying:

Question: I’ve never seen you answer a question about tears on this blog. What is the spiritual root of this phenomenon?

My Answer: In spirituality, tears are the expression of a passive participation in correction. They’re a sign that a person (a Partzuf or soul) is spiritually weak and in the state of Katnut. This is a small state where one has a small screen. That is to say – a screen that only protects one from egoism but doesn’t enable one to work with egoism directly, to bestow.

It is written that the Creator sheds tears into the Great Ocean because He cannot make the correction for the person (see the chapter “The Vision of Rabbi Chiya” in The Book of Zohar). A person has to want to be corrected, but he doesn’t want it. And the Creator is more pained by this than the person, and He sheds tears (Light) into the Great Ocean – the desire He created, and because of that the toughest part of the desire – Malchut de Malchut – is corrected.

Question: When we cry, are we crying for ourselves?

My Answer: Our tears are the ego’s way of expressing itself when it can’t have something it wants or when it feels “compassion” for someone else, which means that we imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes and are afraid that the same thing will happen to us.

Question: Do such tears indicate spiritual closeness with the Creator?

My Answer: Never!

Question: Then why does one feel “lighter” after crying?

My Answer: Because the animate organism becomes psychologically more relaxed after a nervous stress.

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  1. Hello!
    I don´t have tears since I was born, and i believe there is a spiritual justification for that. May it be the “freezing” f the soul?

  2. what about people who cry in joy????

  3. Is there a relationship between the Vision of Rabbi Chiyah and the observation of Rabbi Akiva of the stone eventually split by the water drops? [This indicating that if thus, then Torah could eventually enter into his head as well.]

  4. What is the meaning of soul is crying when the person is alive

  5. Hi , you forgot to tell about the tears that fall when you listen to a song , the pleasure of the art.

  6. Help America. Please.

  7. This insight has just fired up a spiritual pixel color in my sensation. You have genuinely brightened up my day

  8. The next time you are an urge to cry…..shed your tears in the Creator’s direction. Try to imagine the trillions of tears, He sheds for us each time an individual passes by a weed and does not take an opportunity to weed out hate. This is the spiritual meaning of ‘eye for an eye’. Root out that weed and shed one tiny tear, you will not only regain your sight, your will make it that much better.

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