All the World’s “Wise People” Are In a Crisis

All the World's "Wise People" Are In a CrisisQuestion: I found some information on Kabbalistic Cosmology on The Alchemy Website. Would you please comment on this?

My Answer: Kabbalah was concealed for millennia so humanity wouldn’t become confused while it was developing egoistically, until it would grow disillusioned in egoistic development. During this period, many amateurs who dabbled in Kabbalah wrote an overabundance of books on it. And in our times it’s even more so – anyone who has the time of day for it (from “self-made experts” to philosophers) are writing anything they feel like about Kabbalah.

I study Kabbalah only from the primary source texts, written by authentic Kabbalists. If you want to know the truth, then all of the authentic Kabbalah, including the primary source texts, can be found on our website.

Question: Are there any innovative articles that explain Kabbalah in the light of mathematical and physical achievements? Perhaps these explanations will help people see Kabbalah in a new way, for example, by seeing how it relates to nuclear forces and particles, the theory of relativity, the numbers theory, chaos theory, and others.

My Answer: No, and I don’t think that this is necessary. People come to Kabbalah through the need of the soul, not through the desire to penetrate into subatomic particles.

Question: In regard to your blog entry, Why Did I Write About Rav Berg and the Kabbalah Centre on This Blog?, how is it known that there is only one true source of Kabbalah?

My Answer: There can’t be several because the Creator is one.

Question: What’s going on with the World Wisdom Council? We have not heard much as of late.

My Answer: To tell you the truth, I also don’t know what’s going on with them. I was interested in this council as long as there were opportunities to disseminate Kabbalah through it by participating in international forums – such as the ones that took place in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. Today I no longer need this, since the most important thing today is dissemination on the Internet. All the world’s “wise people” are in a crisis!

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