The Machsom Can Be Crossed Individually and As a Group

The Machsom Can Be Crossed Individually and as a GroupQuestions I received on crossing the Machsom:

Question: You said in one of the lessons that the crossing of the Machsom happens individually. Why isn’t the force of Arvut (mutual guarantee) enough for all the friends in the group to cross the Machsom at the same time, like the people who received the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai? The reception of the Torah was collective, so why is the crossing of the Machsom individual?

My Answer: The force of Arvut (mutual guarantee) is definitely enough for all the friends to cross the Machsom at the same time! However, it’s also possible to cross the Machsom individually, if a person makes the needed amount of efforts (called Seah) relative the group and the Creator.

Question: I understood from your explanation in the morning lessons that everyone receives the best possible conditions for attaining spirituality. There was also a text where you explained that the Machsom can be crossed only under a certain kind of pressure, which exists in the group. We have a worldwide virtual group that has all the conditions for entering the spiritual world. Within these virtual connections, how can we reach the correct pressure for crossing the Machsom? And will it happen to everyone at the same time or individually?

My Answer: Baal HaSulam answers this in the article “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose.” At the end of 6000 years, everyone will attain the full correction, but before that it can also be done by individuals as well as groups.

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  1. there is a reason religion (Judaism and Christianity) speak of “REPENTANCE” or teshuvah; Here is where the “PRESSURE” is found to cross the maschom; repentance is the work of “letting go” of your will/desire to whatever you understand the creator to be: In letting go you return in consciousness to a tighter and smaller space within you, hence the story of Jonah/Dove in the whales belly: The return (down the ladder to the root/keter) brings you to the place you can CROSS over (leave Egypt) and ENTER into the dimension you are seeking. Once you are over, the separation comes (now you will understand Rav’s discussion of the split in consciousness between darkness and light: The BEAUTY of the light is worth any work in concealment but till one reaches the separation through repentance/teshuvah, there isn’t enough “DISTINCTION” between these two states of consciousness to do the work:

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