Instead of Forcing Yourself to Be Social, Let the Light Do Its Work

Instead of Forcing Yourself to Become Social, Let the Light Do Its Work A question I received: If a person started his spiritual development as an adult, and before this he has always lived away from society, keeping only work related connections with others, then should he now strive to connect to others?

My Answer: You should not do anything in an artificial manner or force yourself in any way. You should only study Kabbalah, and the Light will change you, correcting you exactly the way you need to be corrected. No one in the world knows what these corrections are – except the Light!

Only the Light can return one to the Source, to the only true state. This is true for individuals just like for the government and the entire world. Don’t look for different paths or national ideas, and stop inventing other models and concepts. Just continue living like you did before, and let the Light enter you and do its work – and then you will find yourself inside perfection!

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