There’s Room for This World In a Kabbalist’s Life

There Is Room for This World In a Kabbalist\'s LifeA question I received: Rather than the “punishment” related articles, I would like to read more about how a student of Kabbalah should not be drawn into being a little more isolated than the norm. Surely some hermit-like behavior is inevitable when one is in a “virtual group,” physically isolated from Kli participants and not particularly interested in spending too much time in idle chit chat.

My Answer: You are right – one studying Kabbalah cannot help but grow detached from the world. On the other hand, every day I spend some time watching news or movies about nature and current events. Every day I go to the sea, where I speed walk for five kilometers and then swim. I spend the rest of my time sitting in one place, indoors – and I’ve been following this routine for many years already.

So don’t worry about feeling isolated from the world. This is how one feels in the beginning – as if one is leaving this entire world. This happens because you are being filled by spiritual information, but later on you will also find room for this world.

Time will balance everything out. Don’t worry about this, and don’t make any artificial actions. I recommend not wasting your time on communication with empty people. Whenever you can, absorb the maximum possible knowledge and impressions from the Kabbalistic sources. Find a sensible way to distribute work, sports, family, and Kabbalah – and soon you will feel the result!

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