Neither Side Is Right In the Georgian War

Neither Side Is Right In This WarTwo questions I received on the conflict in Georgia:

Question: What are we supposed to think about the aggression that’s happening in Georgia? “Way to go! Egoism is growing! Everything’s going according to plan, right?” I don’t agree with this.

Personally, it pains me to see innocent people bombed, and I see their pain as my own. And why is the entire world ganging up against Russia? I think that Russia is the true “Israel” (according to the Kabbalistic definition of Israel), and not Israel. What do you think about this?

My Answer: I put all of my efforts into enlightening all people. What about you? And by the way, aren’t the bombs that are falling on Georgia, Russian? What makes you think that Russia has the property of Israel more than other countries? Is it Russia’s suppression and extermination of its own people during the seventy years of the Soviet regime? Or is it because it has supplied the entire world with weapons? Or because it is encouraging the development of the military atomic industry in third world countries? Or is it Russia’s aspiration to bring the other nations into submission and impose its “truth” onto the entire world? What’s more, Russia has done all this by oppressing its own people!

To ascend above egoism means to make everyone equal, to love everyone, and to unite, instead of bringing everyone into submission like “the older brother.” I am not a politician, and I am not defending or condemning any side in this conflict. I am only pointing out a persistent tendency that Russia has. I think the period of Russian prosperity was when it was connected with Europe, when the Russian tsars were in power. And that’s because the tsars came from Europe, but they reformed and built Russia.

One can only judge an action after ascending above one’s personal and national egoism. I feel very sorry for the people of Russia, because once again, they will suffer from everything that is happening more than anyone else!

Question: The war in Georgia is helping us understand that egoism is evil. But how can one justify it from the Creator’s point of view, how can one ascend over one’s nature?

My Answer: No one is right in this conflict, because people are being forced to collide by egoism. Don’t condemn anyone, but instead disseminate the truth which will draw the Light to our world and correct everyone. This is our only thought, desire, and objective.

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  1. I agree of course with Laitman answer. Very direct and true by all accounts. I can add though that Russia is what happens when G-d is not in the picture. Some points in the heart get a feel of anti religion from some info put out because kabbalh and religion are 2 different things. Although the bigger picture I understand while we read kabbalah we can still hang out on the side streets, by all means is acceptable as all roads lead to the palace so I consider religions as side streets to main street and we can call kabbalah main street. Pure Communism or kubbutism “Building the Future Society” with creator in the center would help but we need shed light a little at a time or more by disseminating the truth which will draw the Light with the guidance from materials.

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