Our Planet Is Only As Big As A House!

Our Entire Planet Is Only as Big as a House!“And that is how I made another crucial discovery: our entire planet is only as big as a house!” (Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince)

From a Cnet Blog Post: Proof of Six Degrees of Separation
“In a research paper from June 2007, titled ‘Worldwide Buzz: Planetary-Scale Views on an Instant-Messaging Network (PDF),’ Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research and Jure Leskovec of Carnegie Mellon University analyzed 30 billion conversations among 240 million people using Microsoft Instant Messenger in June 2006. It turned out that the average path length, or degree of separation, among the anonymized users probed was 6.6.

Six degrees of separation posits that a person is a step away from people they know and two steps distant from people known by the people they know – thus the magic number six.”

antoine01.jpgMy Comment: This research simply shows how we’re externally connected to each other. Soon, however, we will start discovering how internally connected we are, where we will see each other as living not in the bodies we see today, but in each other’s hearts.

Today, we lack the understanding of how the world becomes disclosed to us. For instance, our senses perceive something to the extent that this “something” is disclosed to them, and beforehand, it is as if this “something” had never existed. In other words, something we perceive is born in the same moment we discover it. Just take a look at the laws of nature we know about today: until we discovered them, it was as if they had never existed. Obviously, they had always existed, but we simply couldn’t perceive them: they existed in potential, instead of in action, with regard to us.

Baal HaSulam explains that the world is divided into a revealed and a concealed (secret) part. Therefore, the time we will discover the true connection among people (souls), we will know (with Mocha – mind) and feel (with Liba – heart), simultaneously, that everyone in the world is solely dependent on everyone else’s goodwill: People’s attitudes of love or hate will determine whether or not they will bring life or death upon others.


  1. Dear Rav, In the U.S. there are a great multitude of cultures and ethnicities living amongst one another. Though each is obviously interconnected and relies on a certain level of interdependancy for collective survival, racism(particularly between european descendants&african descendants) is very much a strong reality here. This can be seen in the topics that repeatedly emerge in the midst of this presidential election. How does Kabbalah interpret this, what is at the spiritual roots of this coporeal tension between lighter and darker people?

  2. thank you for you help and cuestion what are the fiscal tools the kabbalist use to help to keep the light  like the kippa , not sheving, shabat  this are tools ??

  3. How wonderful that you should use The Little Prince to highlight this point!
    I have only recently been discussing this book with a friend who had never read it and thought it was ‘just a book for kids’. Just last week I gave her a copy so she too could enjoy its spirit and its lessons.
    It’s wonderful to see it come up here again.
    All the best,

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