Kabbalah Today Publication – 13th Issue

Kabbalah Today Publication - 13th IssueThe 13th issue of the Kabbalah Today publication is now available.

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Editor’s Note
More Real than Reality TV, More Connected than the Internet
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Anything but SurvivalAnything but Survival
The game show, Survivor, is an excellent example of how not to behave in order to survive in our world. But are we – people of the world, stranded on planet Earth – really that different from the contestants on Survivor?
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To Be or Not to BeTo Be or Not to Be?
Death is one of the most unsettling, yet fascinating, phenomena we all face. At one point or another, it touches the lives of each of us, forcing us to ask profound, seemingly unanswerable questions.
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Facebook – What’s All the Fuss?
FacebookThe obsession with Facebook expresses a deep rooted desire within each of us—to feel connected with everyone. But does the largest virtual community really deliver the new and improved social world we seek?
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Tom, Jerry and Our ChildrenTom, Jerry and Our Children
Today, even Tom can’t help us teach good values to our children. Not to mention Jerry…
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Extras – Why Does Love Always Hurt?
Love always hurts us, because in our world, love is based on the needs of the ego. Whether we are aware of it or not, our love always comes with the calculation: “Is it worthwhile for me or not?”
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“Light” – the Kabbalistic Meaning
The word “Light” brings all kinds of positive associations to mind. But in Kabbalah, Light is higher than anything we can imagine – it is, in fact, a quality of the Creator Himself.
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Living the Spiritual Dream WorldLiving the Spiritual Dream World
We all begin our lives perceiving and living in this corporeal world, until one day we discover a unique desire for something new and different, mostly called “spirituality.”
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Kabbalah - User ManualKabbalah: User Manual
What’s it All About?
Although we often feel like isolated individuals and see a world of schisms, Kabbalists say that we are all interconnected and interdependent.
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