Kabbalah – the Ancient/New Science

Kabbalah - the Ancient/New ScienceKabbalah is the science of revealing Nature (the Creator). It was discovered by Abraham, as a result of his research into egoism’s growth within human nature. He was a Babylonian priest who focused his attention on the increasing egoism in his nation. Abraham revealed the complete picture of Nature (the Universe). Subsequent Kabbalists complemented his research with their own, adding details and developing the method of attaining Nature for anyone who so desired. Such development continues into our times: Since egoism constantly develops, within each individual’s lifetime, as well as from generation to generation, so the method of attainment is being expanded and perfected. Today, we’re developing a method that will allow the masses to master Nature/the Creator.

It is true for all sciences, that every new scientific discovery had always existed, but was unknown to us beforehand. Since egoism is growing, there are also new discoveries in Kabbalah – with regard to the people who are attaining them.

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  1. Dear Rav,

    Regarding our spiritual advancement along this method that makes our desires grow each time more, does this also mean that people from outside will each time see us like more egoistic? Since we are given more egoism to work with, perhaps the rest of the world sees us each time worse…

    Thanks for the blog,


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