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Melodies Of Baal HaSulam

627.2Question: Why did Baal HaSulam start writing music?

Answer: Baal HaSulam’s group consisted of less than ten people, and everyone came from different places. Each had their own melodies that they played at mealtimes or during prayers, especially on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur).

So Baal HaSulam composed his own melodies, and taught the students not to sing foreign prayers to the words from the prayer book. That is how the melodies to the texts of Ari and “Bnei Eihal” came out, “Kel Mistater,” etc.

Question: Can these melodies and their text somehow affect a person listening to them?

Answer: They do possess certain spiritual forces. A melody has a great power, but it can only be attained to the degree that a person is dwelling in it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/16/16

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In Order For The Higher Energy To Penetrate The World

laitman_212After the war, Baal HaSulam was able to accomplish a lot: publish his works, although they were not numerous. He wrote a lot, but usually ended up burning his writings. Once, he gave his little grandson, the son of Rabash, a bag of papers to burn. His grandson was a smart boy. He understood that there was something precious about it and saved the bag.

When I came to Rabash, his son showed me that bag, and we started sorting it out together. The first thing I did was to photograph those writings. It was not easy to make copies of manuscripts at that time.

So I made the copies for Rabash and one for myself. Later four books were produced from them including A Sage’s Fruit. The first two books came out when Rabash was still alive. We used to go to the park together, read the text, and he would edit it. And the last two books were produced after his death.

Previously, Kabbalists always burned their writings. Sometimes their works were even buried with their bodies, as it was with Ari, who was buried with his manuscripts. And sometime later, the works were dug up and rewritten. The same happened with The Book of Zohar that was concealed for many years until somebody found its separate pages used them as wrapping paper.

Question: What kind of action is it when a Kabbalist writes something and then burns it?

Answer: When I studied with Rabash, during the lessons it often happened that he would say a phrase, I would stare at him and understand nothing. He would continue speaking on the topic, adding another phrase and again, nothing was understood, although, it seemed there was nothing mystical about the subject.

The Kabbalist does it on purpose so that this knowledge, this power, can come out from him into the general world. By letting it into the upper world, he gives it the right to exist on the same level as his own, and lower.

Why can’t he say this when he is alone? Because, in front of him, there are “babies,” meaning students, who are currently on the level of our world. When he imparts something to them, his words, energy, and then Light transcends through them and begins affecting the entire world.

Nothing more is needed. That is why great Kabbalists burned their writings.

Question: And no one has even read them?

Answer: No. That was sufficient.

Question: Do you, also, want to burn something, or have you already?

Answer: No, my work is different. I explain everything to you, verbalizing it.

The thing is, you can’t do it any other way! There are no mysteries here! Mystery is only what you do not understand. That is the single framework for restrictions.

Revelation is a paramount task, it is the most worthwhile task. We have to reveal the quality of bestowal; there is nothing else in the world. Inside us, we have the quality of reception, opposite to it is the quality of bestowal; you reveal one inside the other; here, you have all the mysteries of nature and all the worlds.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/16/16

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Twenty Years Before The War

laitman_250Twenty years before the Second World War began, no one conceived it. However, Baal HaSulam knew about it well in advance. He warned the Jews in Poland of the danger and implored them to leave, but they did not listen. When the war began, no other country wanted them and they perished.

By that time, Baal HaSulam was already living in Palestine. When the troops led by General Rommel approached it, the people began to panic. Yet, Baal HaSulam was absolutely confident that the troops would stop and told this to his students and acquaintances.

And indeed, Rommel stopped right at the Palestinian border even though he had the support of Egypt. The predictions of Kabbalist’s have come true.

Baal HaSulam understood everything that was happening in Europe at the time and was very concerned about it.

This raises the question: can a Kabbalist affect the upper forces? Under certain conditions, yes. Perhaps it is not because he wishes to do it, but because he is guided that way from above. He has no calculations of his own in this regard, not in any way or with any one.

I guess that this might have been his spiritual action: a guide was required in order for it to happen in our world. The same happens every moment with every one of us. We affect one another at every moment and determine one another’s state. It is also possible to determine one another’s state at critical moments.

Question: Don’t you say that a Kabbalist cannot affect the corporeal future?

Answer: This is not the corporeal future, since, in fact, there is no matter at all. This is a state of forces, their correlation with each other.

What does “corporeality” mean? If we research any object, we will find that it consists of a vacuum. What is in it? Atoms? These are particles separated from one another by enormous distances. That is to say, matter is force. There is nothing corporeal.

Therefore, we and everything we feel around us is an accumulation of forces. And it all moves within a single field called the soul. This field is what we need to care for, molding it so it becomes similar to the force that is inside of that field. And that is up to us, the people. This is the correction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/16/16

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What Is The Kabbalist Talking About?

laitman_227Comment: Baal HaSulam in The Last Generation writes about thirty million years of the Earth’s development. However, this contradicts all religions.

Answer: Kabbalah is a science and it speaks absolutely clearly about it. Even in The Book of Zohar, written two thousand years ago, it states that the Earth is round. It is a good thing that Kabbalists were not caught by the inquisitors, after all, fifteen centuries later scientists were burnt for such statements! It is written very simply about this in The Book of Zohar.

Question: About what thirty million years of development does Baal HaSulam speak?

Answer: He simply imagines these geological periods of development of the Earth. He lives in them!

However, what does it matter? Kabbalists do not contemplate this because this does not apply to the purpose of creation. Ask them what happened five billion years ago, how the Sun, the galaxy, and the black holes were formed, and they will tell you.

A Kabbalist feels all this in his desires. After all, if you work with the desires on the level of Adam – Man, which is not the level of human but the next level of uniting the desires, then naturally you can consider all the previous ones and study them. It is written in Kabbalah that Kabbalists knew the language of animals, the language of fish, and so on.

These are not just beautiful words or an allegory. You can penetrate and understand the essence of all spiritual degrees below you. It means that you understand everything absolutely clearly, the way we understand a baby, at least at some level and in some volume, also everything else on the animate, vegetative, and inanimate levels.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/16/16

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Two Incarnations Of A Great Soul

Baal HaSulam is the greatest Kabbalist of our time. It is very difficult to speak of such a tremendous force because we do not really understand what it means to be a Kabbalist. He lives alongside us and at the same time in a different world. A Kabbalist actually lives in two worlds.

For a Kabbalist there is no confusion. He sees the upper world and the lower world. But what interests him most is their interdependence: how it is possible to make corrections in the upper world from the lower world such that it again influences the lower world and our world rises to the level of the upper. This is the task of every Kabbalist.

A Kabbalist is coming from that desire which characterizes him in the general system of the soul called “Adam.” Each of us has a different root. It is called “point of reference” or “point in the heart.” And that’s why each reveals the upper world in their own unique way.

However, all points in the heart reveal this system in a relatively similar fashion. Nonetheless, all those who wrote prior to Baal HaSulam, for example, had a very difficult time writing a commentary to The Book of Zohar.

And prior to the appearance of The Book of Zohar, no one was able to write anything even resembling it, despite the fact that many Kabbalists knew more than Rabbi Shimon. They just couldn’t describe it the way he could.

That is, in Kabbalah there are many such conditions: you can be great, a spiritual genius, but cannot describe anything, you simply don’t have the ability.

But Baal HaSulam had both of these qualities. It’s amazing! In the entire history of Kabbalah there was practically no Kabbalist with such ability.

Moses was the greatest Kabbalist, and still the Five Books written by him are written in such a way and in such language that everyone can interpret them in any way they want.

And what was written by the Ari in his work The Tree of Life cannot be understood at all; here, a clear attainment of the spiritual world is necessary for one to even begin to understand what he is talking about. In this book, purely physical data are laid out, just as in any physics textbook.

That’s why when the Ari started to teach, the only one who was able to appreciate him was a great Kabbalist of his own time, the Ramak. He sent all the other students to the Ari as well, emphasizing that this material is something new. But neither they, nor he, were able to understand the system of the Ari, not even to the day he died. And that’s because the Ramak belonged to the previous generation of souls, those who came into this world prior to the Ari.

That’s why Baal HaSulam openly says: “All that I attained, I attained following the Ari’s soul incarnating in me,” in other words, he was the Ari’s next incarnation. What is meant here is not the physical body, since it doesn’t exist and neither does our world. The only thing that exists is the shattered, scattered desire in a tremendous egoistic space.

In this space there are drops, like raisins in a cake that have inclinations toward unity, toward adhesion with the Creator. But we don’t feel these inclinations because we exist in an ocean of egoism, we sit in this dough, that’s why we don’t even sense our ego. Each “raisin,” each point in the heart, constantly undergoes all types of corrections.

Baal HaSulam happens to have been the outcome of that same “raisin,” which was the Ari, that same soul who was the Ari, who continued his work. This is called an “incarnation.” In other words, this is not a separate soul, but that same soul continuing its work, only under different conditions, in a different generation.

And what does a “generation” mean? It is not what happens to us in our world. When many points in the heart, embryos of a soul, even though they are changing constantly, while they still exist in a wrong kind of connection between them, they imagine themselves ostensibly experiencing our world.

That’s why it is most important that we think not of this world, presenting itself to us through our five animal sensory systems, but instead about that which is happening through the point in the heart.

Question: When a soul reincarnates, is the individuality preserved?

Answer: The soul engages through various external conditions. The Ari brought into our world The Tree of Life. The next time that same Ari came, he was called Baal HaSulam and brought into our lives Talmud Eser Sefirot.

Question: In other words, he held the same spiritual level of attainment as the Ari?

Answer: Even greater.
From the Lesson in Russian, 10/16/16

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Ari – The Turning Point From Darkness to Light

laitman_222_0Ari, “Tree of Life”: Behold, that before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created, the upper simple Light had filled the whole existence…

The goal of creation is to bring the creations to the attainment of the Creator, to adhesion with Him, to reaching His level. The entire development of the human being in this world throughout thousands of years is directed at the realization of this task.

There were many people throughout human history who were able to come out of the animal degree into the human one, starting from Adam, the first man, Adam HaRishon. Such people are called Kabbalists, and during all the generations they kept helping others to come to the attainment of the upper force, to enter the spiritual degree.

Our whole life in this world, within our egoistic desire, is there for the purpose of coming out of it and elevating ourselves to the level of bestowal, to the highest existence—eternal and boundless.

So we ought to thank those people, who, having attained the Creator themselves, exerted all their efforts to develop the science of Kabbalah, helping others reach the same degree and go through the same states on the way to attaining the highest reality.

All evolution can be divided into two stages. Initially, there is an instinctive maturation and the development of the desire for pleasure. However, at some point that desire develops to the extent of demanding its correction into the desire to bestow. That turning point is symbolized by a special Kabbalist, whose name was Ari.

That messenger from above did for us what no one else has ever done. There is no other person who has made a greater contribution to the general correction. Starting with him, humanity entered the period of deliverance. For it was the Ari who revealed the science of Kabbalah, the methodology of correction, who took it from above and brought it deep down for us.

That is why today’s date [July 27, 2017] is so important for us—Ari’s Memorial Day. For everything we have in our spiritual life, what we strive for, investing our whole life into, has really come from the great Ari. It is the soul that symbolizes the turning point from the world of darkness into the world of correction.

He was the first Kabbalist who brought people the practical methodology of correction that includes the structure of the upper worlds, the circulation of souls, distribution of Light, and development. He linked these explanations to the holidays and quotes from the Torah.

Ari created the language of Kabbalah amd made it possible for study, research, and implementation. He translated Kabbalah from the language of parables and hints, received before him among the Kabbalists, into a modern, precise, scientific language: measures, degrees, Aviut (depth of the desire), Kashiut (strength of the screen)—all scientific terms.

After him, Kabbalah turned into a real science, due to the highest degree that Ari has attained, allowing him to encompass the whole upper world.

That is why he begins his writings from the four stages of Direct Light, in all the details. All the structure of the worlds that the science of Kabbalah teaches came from Ari. Baal HaSulam writes that he attained his spiritual heights due to the fact, that he received an embryo of the soul of Ari. Because of this special soul, Baal HaSulam reached his attainments and continued the work of Ari.
From the Lesson on the Day of Ari’s Memory 7/27/17

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Israeli TV Channel 9: “Kabbalah Conquers Rome”

Israeli TV’s Channel 9 website published an article “Kabbalah Conquers Rome” about the Bnei Baruch international Kabbalah Congress “All As One” that took place in Rome  July 28 – 30, 2017.


Who Are The Articles By Baal HaSulam For?

laitman_527_04Question: Why did Baal HaSulam write articles that provide a comparative analysis of Kabbalah and philosophy, Kabbalah and psychology, and Kabbalah and science?

Answer: Baal HaSulam lived a hundred years ago when the world had not heard yet about what the wisdom of Kabbalah is. Until that day, Judaism was in a state of stagnation and constantly denied and opposed the wisdom of Kabbalah. He wanted to rouse the sleeping world, especially before the Second World War, before the Holocaust. So in the twenties and thirties of the last century he wrote articles for the people and in 1940 he published the newspaper The Nation.

He planned to produce fifty pamphlets, each one which would include five articles. But he only managed to publish the first journal, which contained the articles, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah),” “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee),” “Peace in the World,” “The Peace,” and another article. After that, they closed his small publishing house and he said that he would not write any more because the world was not ready yet for this. We can only imagine how much we lost.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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New Life 624 – Baal HaSulam – Rav Yehuda Levi Ashlag

New Life 624 – Baal HaSulam – Rav Yehuda Levi Ashlag
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

When one looks at the life of the Kabbalist, one must divide the viewpoint into two levels, our world and the upper world. When Baal HaSulam found the ARI’s book The Tree of Life at his teacher’s home, he was astonished to discover what was written there. A few years later, he organized a group of families to immigrate to Israel, but he was banished, and in the end he immigrated by himself. He brought a tanning machine with him to Israel. He believed that man must work and not be a sponge and receive charity. But when they discovered that he had been a rabbinical judge in Warsaw, they appointed him to be the Rabbi of Kiryat Shaul.

He turned to the secular public since a Kabbalist who has attained the general system thinks and worries about everyone. He explained how we can participate consciously in the development process that we must go through. The essence of the correction is to transform our egoistic nature, the hostility and hatred, into love of others. He wanted to introduce the ideas of Kabbalah to the people, so he met with Ben-Gurion and the leaders of the community.

He foresaw the Holocaust and World War II. By his being in Israel, he spiritually stopped Rommel and Stalin. He wrote a lot and is named Baal HaSulam because of the “ladder” interpretation he wrote for The Book of The Zohar, which is the ladder of the levels of correction.

At the end of each day, he would give away his money so that he wouldn’t have any for the next day, in order to draw spiritual forces closer to the people. But they never listened, and today we must make his system public in order to correct the situation in Israel and in the world. In his writings of the “Last Generation,” he explained that in the end, we must attain the life of love of others and social equality. There was no person more important for our generation because he gave us the tools to reach the upper life, peace, and eternity.
From KabTV’s “New Life 624 – Baal HaSulam – Rav Yehuda Levi Ashlag,” 9/10/15

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What Kind Of Communism Does Baal HaSulam Talk About?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of any human being is attracting positive force into our negative world; then, using both forces, we rise and sense a completely different universe, a “reverse” world. It gives the sense of infinity, eternity, and wholeness of existence.

This is the upper world in which a human being dwells. Baal HaSulam describes a just and happy society, to which we will come sooner or later.

Question: What kind of communism does Baal HaSulam talk about when he says that human society will eventually reach communism? We don’t want to scare our listeners off; or maybe we should frighten them? In any case, what particularly does Baal HaSulam talk about when it comes to communism?

Answer: Baal HaSulam talks about society in its final state, when people no longer work for money. Each person will receive from their community— I am not sure whether we should call this kind of a communal structure “a state” – everything they need. At the same time, each member of the society has to be brought up in a way that they are not willing to “grab” more than they really need to exist. People won’t care about themselves; rather, the society will make every effort to understand the requirements of its members and provide them with everything they need.

The work of each individual will imply one’s willingness to correctly connect with others and produce things that are essential for the society.

Question: What is the purpose of this kind of production?

Answer: It’s very easy! To give our “animal” nature everything it necessities, not more and not less. If you feed a cow cake, it won’t eat it.

Comment: A cow would be sick if it ate cake.

Answer: A normal cow won’t even try a cake. Everyone should receive exactly what one needs.

This level of community interaction can be achieved only through correct education that happens parallel to all other social changes. Not sooner, not later!

Question: Education is about changing an individual, isn’t it?

Answer: Yes, it’s true. The main thing is to have people reach a state where they are connected with others to a degree that they do not feel a difference between themselves and the others, when their personal “I” and general “we” become completely equal.

Sensory egoism that separates us will vanish. All of a sudden, I begin sensing others as myself. In fact, we will sense everything that happens at the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels as well as in all material human bodies as our own individual organism.

Question: What do I get from this?

Answer: It gives me a sensation of infinity, eternity, and wholeness of existence.

Question: Is it interesting and exciting to be in such a state?

Answer: No, it’s not what interests me. What really matters is that I start sensing the world as a whole, not a fragmented structure. I feel that the world is endless in time, space, and movement. This is what we call the upper world. A human being that exists in this material world should not be considered human at all. Rather, it is just a highly organized and totally uncorrected animal.

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