A Kabbalist and His Attainments

526Question: Why did Baal HaSulam write and then burn his manuscripts?

Answer: Why give them to people if they will just confuse them? Today we have a lot of his manuscripts—some of them we have published, some of them we have not. What is the use of reading them if a person is not at this level? He does not even understand the words that are written there because they represent some sensations, definitions, and some levels in the world of Atzilut, for example, GAR de Atzilut.

What can he do with what he reads? He has some nonsense in his head.

Question: Explain the fact itself: why did he write this?

Answer: That is another thing. He wrote in order to help the world. When a Kabbalist expresses his revelations in written or oral form, at the same time he brings down the upper attainments into our world, he as if attracts the upper source into it, and he thus brings our world closer to the source of light. It helps us.

Baal HaSulam has done so much for our world! He has advanced it for hundreds of years, and for hundreds of difficult years at that.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Most Powerful Computer in the World” 10/8/09

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