Can One Learn to Recognize Evil?

504Question: It is no secret that all social formations were either replaced, have disappeared or collapsed. How will the new form of the future society preserve itself and develop further?

Answer: I think this will happen on the basis of a complete renunciation of past states with the help of the so-called recognition of evil, when people begin to understand that it is impossible to continue existing as before. They will be on the verge between either disappearing or changing themselves. And then they will experience transformation.

The recognition of evil is a force that preserves and protects itself. The whole of society will recognize evil, learn to understand it, and pass on this understanding to each other.

Question: Can the recognition of evil be learned and passed on?

Answer: Of course. We have just to teach, show, and explain what evil is and to what extent it exists in each object.

When a person begins to feel where evil comes from, then to this extent he begins to hate it. The recognition of evil preserves the society and does not allow it to move back.

Question: What is the energy that pushes a person forward toward his development? After all, what does not move forward goes backward.

Answer: The fact is that a person cannot stay in the same place, he must develop. Society develops, people develop, children are born, everything flows. Therefore, a person and society itself will strive to constantly develop.

But the main thing is the recognition of the evil in egoism and the fact that it is impossible to continue to exist like this. This feeling of impossibility will protect against regression and push forward.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/24/22

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