Through Sweetness and Bitterness

527.03Question: The Creator constantly influences us either with pleasures or with some kind of deficiency because my desire perceives everything as bitterness or sweetness. Why did He choose this way of influencing a person—through sweetness and bitterness?

Answer: Because these two tastes are opposite and clearly define where we are and what we want. This is the language of the Creator who communicates with us through pleasure and suffering.

Nature develops us in such a way so that we fully appreciate the upper light, feel the need to come closer to it, appreciate all its tastes, all its metamorphoses, and fill ourselves with it.

Today, in our world, we automatically feel only suffering and pleasure. We do not feel the one who awakens all this in us. In the end, we must come to the revelation of the Giver.
From KabTV’s “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” 8/27/23

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