Love Will Cover All Crimes

239Love will cover all transgressions. This means that day by day we will have to reveal new sins because without this it is impossible to advance. Selfishness is bound to develop more and more. The Creator only gave rise to creation by breaking the common soul of Adam HaRishon. From this, the evil inclination began to unfold, our great desire to receive pleasure, and we need to help this egoism open more and more so that it does not remain at the inanimate, vegetative, or animate level.

But egoism can be revealed only in the opposite form. If we want to accelerate the disclosure of egoism, we must, on the contrary, strive to achieve unity. And if yesterday we did not come to a greater awareness of evil than the day before yesterday, then we did not strive for unity.

Every day we try to unite, and as a result, rejection will open up to us, for which we will ask for the power of correction so that love will cover all transgressions. And so we will continue to advance.

It is necessary to reveal evil and attract good to it in order to cover all crimes with love. Without transgressions, there will be no union, there will be no correction of the Kli. We must open all the cracks, all the breaking, in our union, in the vessel of the common soul of Adam HaRishon. And this is possible only when we strive to unite.

First, we perform artificial actions, trying to achieve unification, but we see that the Creator does not allow us to unite. On the contrary, it reveals hatred and rejection between us. And this is the desired result, because crimes are being disclosed on top of which we can truly unite and cover them with love. But this is already with the help of a prayer to the Creator who will give us the power of unity. And so we come to correction.

This is the work: We strive for good, and the Creator reveals evil to us, but we try to cover evil with good, and we turn to the Creator for help. These are the two actions: back and forth, back and forth, corresponding to the four stages of the Kli.

You can imagine that we are sitting in a boat and rowing together, each with his own oar. Each does work in his own Kli. He is drawn to union and sees that rejection awakens in its place. And then he makes a second movement: He turns to the Creator, asks for help, and sees how the Creator makes a row of paddles for him. He does not leave the Creator until He completes the action, covering all crimes, transgressions, with love.

I do the first row with an oar: I try to connect with my friends and I see that I am not achieving what I want, but I am revealing negative qualities. And then I turn to the Creator and ask Him to correct this negative. And so we row all the time: one-two, one-two. The first one or two are mine, where nothing works for me, and the second one or two is done by the Creator and are already successful. It is said about this: “The Creator will finish this work for me.”

The first time I try to do and reveal the shortcomings, and the second time I turn to the Creator with these shortcomings and see a successful result.

A ten sits in one boat, and each holds his paddle with both hands. The Gabai sits at the stern and cheers on the rowers, while the Shaatz sits at the bow of the boat. And that’s how we all go.

The first paddle movement is to reveal a flaw. I want to connect with my friends, but I reveal that I am not capable of it. That is, the first time I try to do it myself and find out my impotence. But at the same time, I am aware of my failure, that is, I open the Kli. And in the second stroke with the paddle, I already ask the Creator to help me and finish this work for me.

This is the case every time: the first stroke is the revelation of the lack and the second stroke is the Creator’s help. As a result, we advance in our boat, first making efforts to reveal evil, and then turning to the Creator for correction and revelation of the goodness.

First of all, I must be grateful to the Creator and friends. After all, the goal of creation can be achieved only by tuning into the friends with closed eyes, if they want and can accept me. And the Creator must dissolve me in my friends, unite me with everyone without any distinction between us.

Therefore, I am grateful to the Creator and the friends for the fact that they exist and give me the opportunity to join them, lose myself, and be born again, which is called “going through the eye of a needle.” Nothing remains of me except the net desire, which I drag through the eye of a needle, and so I move from world to world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/17/20, “Love Covers All Transgressions”

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