Greater And Greater Mutual Guarantee

962.3There is no more important action than the practical implementation of mutual guarantee. In this aspect, it is necessary to consider any state, the entire process we go through and its final result. Every moment of life should be directed toward a single goal: toward more and more approximation to the concept of mutual guarantee.

And if we establish this correctly, we will immediately see how our whole life takes on a completely different color, and all problems, including the crisis caused by the coronavirus, disappear one by one. After all, they come with one purpose: to awaken us to the mutual guarantee.

Therefore, for any breakdown, small or large, there is only one way to fix it—only by strengthening our mutual guarantee. We should try to think about this every day, especially after the last congress where we have already begun to build this mutual guarantee between us and all the inhabitants of this world, and we will continue this path.

The Creator does not exist until we build this concept through our union and mutual guarantee. And then He is revealed and begins to exist for us.

The Creator is what unites us. If I treat the group as one whole in which there is no difference between us, then within this concept I begin to feel the Creator. The Creator is the power of unification that we can generate if we strive for unity and support. There is no Creator without creation. This power is the purpose of our union.

We know in advance that there is such a state in which we are united together in mutual guarantee as one person. We turn to this state with prayer, we want to extract strength from it. This state already exists and lives because it is eternal. We only need to reveal it in practice.

This is the difference between the mutual guarantee, which is still developing and changing between us, and the mutual guarantee that we strive to achieve as a result of our absolute unification.

The mutual guarantee is the general law of the right connection between us. And the concept of the Creator is revealed when we really join each other as one. And then, within this unity, we comprehend the ideal of complete, perfect unification, which is called the Creator.

We cannot achieve this complete connection with one jump, and therefore, there are 125 steps, 125 steps created by the upper light when spreading from top to bottom. Therefore, we have the opportunity, step by step, to achieve an ever greater degree of mutual guarantee between us and, as a generalization of this state, with the Creator.

One can only judge about the Creator within the Kli, and therefore, within the concept of a guarantee; a guarantee with the Creator is attained in a group. This means that all the work goes between us.

A surety is a condition for the flow of life in a common body, metabolism, the flow of forces, lights, desires, a condition for life. And therefore there are no small and large in it.

All nature acts according to the law of universal mutual guarantee, otherwise it could not exist. But this is an unconscious step, to which the natural instinct obliges. Whereas people who are above the inanimate, vegetative, and animate level are obliged to fulfill the law of mutual guarantee at the human level of their choice, through their efforts, prayer, and mutual assistance.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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