The Thorny Path To Love

571.01Usually we feel either distance, resistance, the egoism between us, or attraction to each other and a desire to get closer. But to feel both sensations at the same time, both separation and connection, is a great art, which can be achieved only on the spiritual path.

This is how a skilled cook adds special spices to the food: in a sweet dish a drop of bitterness is added; to emphasize the sweetness of the cake, it is soaked in cognac. We are not able to feel only one side, we perceive everything from its opposite, as the advantage of light from darkness.

Small children usually love only one thing, only sweets. And when they grow up, they already want to feel two opposites together, so they like spicy and salty food. It is the same in our lives. If everything goes well and smoothly, only love without any problems and quarrels, then we are missing something, as if there is nothing to cling to if there are no quarrels and clarifications.

You should always add a little bitter to the sweet to emphasize the sweetness of sweet. This is how we are built, it comes from the foundation of creation, from us being opposite to the Creator. Therefore, in order to feel Him, we also need to feel ourselves and along with ourselves—Him.

Otherwise, we will not be able to feel anything. We do not feel anything outside of ourselves, but only if the qualities of the Creator enter into us and create this contradiction between the qualities of the Creator and the creation, as it is said: “God has made them one opposite the other.”

Therefore, the principle applies: “Love will cover all crimes.” On the way to achieving love, the goal of our development and correction, we must reveal all the sins prepared for us by the Creator in order to be able to attain perfect love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/21, “Love Covers All Transgressions”

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