From the Level of Angel to the Level of Human

712.03Question: Why did the general system not reward us from birth with an altruistic perception of pleasure?

Answer: If we were not in our egoistic perception of pleasure, but in an altruistic perception, then we would have no resistance to it; we would simply exist in it.

We would be at the level of angels, that is, forces that exist like that, and we would have no comprehension, no sense of our own “I.” We would not be opposite to the Creator, we would not be personalities, we would not be creations relative to Him.

Precisely because there is opposition to our egoism in revealing the higher world, in revealing the state of bestowal, love, and connection with what is outside of me, with my friends, with their inner aspirations to the Creator, and there is the possibility of freedom, I therefore exist separately from the upper force and I do not obey it, I choose what to do.

If this were not the case, then we would simply automatically exist in bestowal, as we now automatically exist in receiving.

Now, we are also angels, only angels of death, who, with each of their temporary fulfillment, kill themselves, thereby bringing death closer. Otherwise, we would be angels of life, in other words, forces that simply exist in that volume of life and know nothing about themselves.

Comment: But if you say that the situation is much better than the current one…

Answer: No, not better. The angel of life is no better than the angel of death. Both are neither better nor worse; these are the forces of nature. There is no good and bad outside of a person when he decides whether to move forward or not. Outside of man, these forces are equivalent.

From these two forces, from their correct combination, each moment we build states that add up together and give us the image of “man” or “Adam,” which means “similar to the Creator.”

Question: When a great Kabbalist comes to a certain point of comprehension, does he wait for everyone else to comprehend?

Answer: He does not wait, he works on his own correction by helping others. As long as the others are not corrected, he feels like that too. No one can achieve complete correction until the whole world is corrected, so every Kabbalist has more to do.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is mind?” 2/21/11

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