Dissemination Chain

528.04Question: You have repeatedly explained that dissemination needs to be passed on to the next level. Who decides what step to take? You cannot just spread information into the air. How does the process of further connection happen?

You had everything clearly set: your teacher, you, and your students. And your students have such layers, some more, some less.

Answer: So what? Everything will be determined for them as well. They are already connected with thousands of people in the world, and they will be with millions and billions. Everyone will gradually become connected.

Question: But everyone has a definite goal in their inner development: this one connects with such and such people, that one with others. Or is it chaotic?

Answer: No one chooses anyone. Whoever comes comes. Did I choose you? Or anyone else?

They come and that is it. They knock on the door and enter. Admission is free. And then everything depends on the student, on his inner structure, on the structure of his soul, and on how much he can place himself as a student.

In general, everything should be done as freely as possible to give a person only information, to push him. And then everything will flow by itself.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Spiritual Energy” 4/21/11

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