True Attainment or Drug Intoxication?

49.01Question: Is it possible to study Kabbalah in a drugged condition?

Answer: No, on the contrary, it requires immense internal tension, absolutely sober thoughts, feelings, and reactions. This is not the buzz, when you have to be in some kind of frenzy surrounded by smoke that is necessary for mystical actions. Here you need a very clear head, and very clear feelings, desires, and thoughts where you know how to manage them.

I used to think that if spirituality is somewhere out there, then the more I disconnect from this world, the closer I will be to the spiritual one, and it will enter me directly. I just open my mouth only half-consciously and—voila! I connect directly.

No! This is absolutely not true. We see this in all of our activities. Spirituality is revealed only with attainment, sensation, effort, and mobilization of internal reserves. Neither alcohol, drugs, nor some kind of ups and downs will help. On the contrary, they disconnect a person from the spiritual and include him in some kind of internal trip and nothing more.

Kabbalah is not just for or against drugs and alcohol. After all, when you are sitting with friends, you can drink a little in order to relax on a human level but not to get drunk, rather, relax a little because a person has internal locks in his relations with others.

In addition, if a person is doing very serious inner work, then alcohol and drugs quickly burn out. It all depends on one’s internal tension.

Kabbalah starts shaking you so much that drugs do not help here. You feel like you fell out of life. The rest have gone far ahead, and you seem to be crawling out of the basement into the light of day.

I have never tried drugs in my life. I had a rejection of any means that could cut myself off from real attainment of the upper world. Therefore, I could not accept any religion or any other teachings. When they told me: “You have to believe, you have to accept, you have to switch off,” it did not exist for me, but only real attainment, real analysis, and synthesis of knowledge.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Attainment through Drugs” 7/14/12

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