Drugs and Attainment Are Incompatible

Drugs and Attainment Are IncompatibleA question I received: I was an alcoholic and drug addict for 20 years. A year ago I went through rehabilitation and have stayed off drugs and alcohol thanks to a “12 step” program – a program of spiritual growth. Recently I started studying Kabbalah and became confused – should I continue the “12 step” program or devote myself completely to Kabbalah? Or should I combine both paths? Maybe some Kabbalah students are anonymous alcoholics and drug addicts, but I haven’t been able to find them yet. Can they share their experience with me?

My Answer: Kabbalah is spreading throughout the world. Obviously, the people who begin studying it come from all walks of life. I recommend and ask you to support each other.

A question I received: Suppose that a person is above the Machsom and he already attains and feels the connection with the Creator. As he continues working on his correction, he still decides to experiment with LSD in order to compare the different states. Will he not feel the Upper World then? I’d like you to give this question the attention it deserves, because modern science doesn’t consider LSD an ordinary drug, but an extremely powerful psycho-stimulant.

My Answer: As soon as a person takes drugs, he detaches from the perception of the real world and enters a realm of “wandering,” illusory images.

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  1. I’ve been sober in a 12 step program for 25 years. Being sober first allowed me to heal physically. Then I was able to recover emotionally. Without sobriety and continued participation in 12 step programs, I’d never be able to study this particulr path of Kabbalah. Being clear minded and having learned how to connect in 12 step groups paved the way for me to continue the journey with Kabbalah. At 25 years of sobriety I’m truly enjoying my studies. If I put a mood altering, addictive chemical in my body and relapse back into addiction, not only will I cut myself off from me, but my fellows, my development and my Creator. Thank-you Reb Laitman for encouraging addicts and alcoholics to attain sobriety.

  2. well done!nice job!

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