Arena for Developing a Relationship with the Creator

423.01The society in which we live egoistically dominates us; it sets all sorts of standards for us: dress like this, comb our hair like this, look like this, be tall and thin and not fat or short, and so on.

This was created on purpose in order to better show our egoism. It turns out that a person exists in a variety of external negative influences. This state is called Galut (exile), when our qualities of bestowal and love are in exile from the spiritual and under the power of egoistic values, assessments, and attitudes.

Therefore all our efforts should be aimed at replacing these egoistic social attitudes with spiritual ones, and I will look at the inner world of a person, not at his externality, and I will evaluate him by his thoughts, not by how pleasant and good it is for me. This is our constant work on ourselves.

Here Kabbalah puts a person in very strict conditions where one must constantly engage in introspection and understand that a public egoistic machine is working on him by supplying him with its attitudes and egoistic standards every minute: “You must do this, look at people in this way, evaluate them according to such and such criteria.”

And a person must constantly resist this. Then he will see in the society around him, in the egoistic machine that acts on him, the guiding hand of the Creator, which thus educates him and leads him to a state of absolute love for all.

In this case the world becomes the arena, the place where we unite with the Creator in our mutual love for him. In fact, this world disappears; it does not exist. It is like a place where we simply connect, the Creator and I.

It is revealed to me that the whole world was created just for this. All this trumpery, lots of people and everything that happens to them, their influence on me and my influence on them are needed only to work out my relationship with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To Hate, but Also to Love” 7/29/12

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