The One Who Corrupted Everything Will Correct It

294.3The evil we see in the world is a projection of our own qualities. Therefore, if I am strongly impressed by this evil, it is also beneficial, because to the same extent I will have more willingness to get rid of it.

The only thing that is required of me is to recognize that all evil stems from my will to receive, my egoism. If we uproot this egoism with the help of the upper light, then, of course, all of life will get better.

We see that the world is torn apart by external problems: war, pandemics, inflation… We can correct this if we make internal changes within ourselves, not in each of us, but rather in the relationship between us. No one needs to correct anything inside themselves, we just need to correct our connection.

A righteous is the one who loves others, connects with them, and not the one who sits and torments himself, this is stupidity. As soon as we correct the connection between us, the entire reality will change: the world, the war, us, everything will become different.

The connection between us can be corrected only with the help of the reforming light, and not by our own efforts. On our part, to correct ourselves means to recognize that my attitude toward others needs correction and that I am not able to correct it myself because the Creator corrupted it initially, as it is said: “I have created the evil inclination.”

Therefore, the only thing we must do is to turn to the Creator: He corrupted it, and He will correct it, this is called the work of the Creator. We just learn from this the way it should be and discover the gap between the desired state and the present state. This is our gain.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/24/22, “Reinforcing Ourselves with There Is None Else Besides Him”

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