Look at Each Other Through the Prism of Love

119Question: Can you give a clear example of the difference between slander in spiritual work and slander in dissemination?

Answer: I should treat my friend like I treat my child whom I love and want everything to be fine with. Of course, I can say that he is lazy at school or sometimes fights with his friends. But all the same, love is felt in my words and kindness shines through them.

Speaking of a friend, I do not pursue evil. I do not say this so that others will also feel the same attitude toward him. Let’s say I do not like how someone made a video about me.

I can say that there is not enough light, bad sound, that he did not try to post the clip on the Internet in such a way that everyone would see how smart and beautiful I am, but instead he did it differently. But this speaks of professionalism, of an unsuccessful resolution of the issue, and I can discuss this.

We openly consider such issues at our meetings and conferences and learn from this. Nevertheless, they do not interfere with the fact that I consider him my friend and treat him with a desire to get closer, to unite.

First of all, we need to look at each other through the prism of love and unity; otherwise, why are we together? To reveal the upper force in the connection between us. And the one who speaks evil makes a break in the network between us, and nothing that we expect will happen. Therefore, I am very strongly against this and I ask everyone to take it into account.

There is no greater evil than harmful speech (Lashon Hara) when you spread such an attitude toward others and set others in such a way, even if they do not want to listen to gossip, even listening to them is very bad. We need to fight against this seriously.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Beware of Gossip!” 3/19/13

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