Is It Better to Be Kind or Evil?

962.6Question: Looking at modern bloggers, you see how they earn millions of likes, millions of views. Quite a lot of people watch them. There is a constant criticism with piercing hatred and lowering of others. And the more you do it, whether you belong to the right or the left, it does not matter, the more people listen and hear you.

And those who say: “Let’s live peacefully, let’s build good connections and love each other” are not heard.

Tell me, where are we heading today?

Answer: These are such times.

Before, times were not so ideologically clear. One did not have to choose to be this or that. Everything was more common.

Comment: Yes, it was possible to talk about peace and friendship. No one was chasing views or likes back then.

My Response: Because there was no money behind it. They are not chasing those today either; they are chasing money. Either money or fame. One of those must be behind it.

Question: If this is how we develop and keep advancing, what kind of humanity will we come to?

Answer: No, this is all going to change. This is a transitional period. Besides, there are such wars going on now and these wars will continue to develop.

Humanity needs a clear, defined goal. There is no such goal today. Therefore, there is nothing to call upon, nothing to pursue, to strive for, etc.

So, the problem of humanity is that it has lost its absolute reference points. Before, at least there was communism, capitalism, fascism, and so on. There were people involved, speakers, ideologists.

But today? There is practically nothing. This is why humanity is in such a phase that it is not pulled anywhere or moved by anything. Everything is rather vague.

Question: What will this vagueness lead to?

Answer: Egoism is constantly growing. So, we need to wait for it to demand new goals, new states from us. Our focus has to be on: “Where are we headed? Why?” None of this is here today. It should be defined.

Comment: But egoism will require real, significant pleasures.

Answer: Egoism will require to be filled.

Question: What will fill it? What do you think will fill it in the future? It is clear what kind of fillings we had in the past.

Answer: Today we are also talking about fulfilling egoism: either conquering, or doing something to another, some nasty trick, etc. Or to harshly criticize—this also fulfills the egoism of both you and the viewer. These are all fillings.

But these fillings will be increasingly acute, explicit, egoistic, antagonistic: it is good for me, bad for you, and so on. Today, all this is getting relatively smoothed out somehow as we are in an intermediate phase of development.

Question: Will this flow of criticism and hatred lead to hearing those who talk about good connections and love?

Answer: I am afraid that it will not come to good connections, love, or conversations about it. People will start devouring each other. There will be such an egoistic explosion.

Question: And will this lead to some kind of a change?

Answer: I do not believe one will instantly lead to the other.

Comment: You used to be more optimistic.

Answer: Yes. Today, it is spreading more and more. So I do not think we are in a state where there will be sudden changes in society or people.

Question: So you do not have an optimistic forecast?

Answer: No.

Comment: No? This is not a good ending.

My Response: This is a realistic conclusion. It is realistic. I do not think the world is about to embrace the recognition of evil.

This is what we must come to. And then bounce back from it to good. It is not there yet. To do so, society must accumulate vast experience and understanding of what is happening today. This has not happened yet.

The world does not understand that it needs to get rid of egoism, of this petty, bourgeois fuss: who buys cheaper, better, more, etc. Just look what countries or people are busy with? After all, they must change their values to more exalted ones. But it is not what we are coming to.

Question: What values characterize the next step of humanity?

Answer: The answer to the question: “What do I live for?” The fact that I exist is clear; the fact that I need to exist, I understand. But what for? This question does not live in people yet, it does not manifest itself.

Comment: So, you say that at least this question is a question of overturning…

Answer: Oh, if such a question were formed, humanity would have already been wailing: “What do we live for?”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/27/22

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