The Group Must Be Homogeneous

538Question: What should be done if a person hears slander against someone?

Answer: Say that you do not want to hear it, cut it off, and in this way you will teach a friend to do the same. This is a great correction for the group.

Question: If women are discussing someone, is it natural for them to group into cliques?

Answer: They can do whatever they want, but then they must understand that they are not walking along the spiritual path with us. The Kabbalistic group must be equal, absolutely homogeneous.

If someone slanders, then in theory he multiplies evil, this diverges like a virus. You can fight this only by having a good relationship with everyone and covering everything with love. If a person is in a group, then he was brought here and we must accept him as a closest one.

Question: How can I teach myself not to give criticism outwardly, not to utter it?

Answer: Through habit, example of others, constant self-criticism, and introspection.

Question: You said that before a certain period, a person is still learning. At the initial stage is it acceptable to gossip?

Answer: No. As soon as a person arrives in the group, we must immediately inform him about this and teach him like a child, and constantly point out to him the inadmissibility of slander.

There must be an awareness of the importance that without this we will not reach the goal. I hope that everyone will understand this, and in the end they will reach the goal. I will not be hurt so much that they themselves break the ties in which they can reveal their highest state.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Beware of Gossip!” 3/19/13

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