The Birth of Joseph

165The flower buds are the patriarchs, who entered in thought and entered the next world, Bina, and were hidden there.

From there, they came out in concealment and were hidden in the true prophets. Joseph was born and they hid in him.

Joseph entered the holy land and erected them there. As it is written: Joseph was born, who is Yesod de Gadlut. (Zohar for All, “The Flower Buds,” Item 5)

Our entire connection with the spiritual world passes through the Partzuf of Nukva of the world of Atzilut. It is to it that broken souls raise MAN, a request for correction.

A person with a point in his heart yearns for the spiritual world, and spirituality is bestowal and unity. Therefore, he strives to unite with others, and he is given such an opportunity in the group.

If a person fulfills the condition of the ascent and creates a Kli, he connects with Malchut de Atzilut. It raises the common request of the friends to Zeir Anpin, and Zeir Anpin gives them the reforming light. Then the souls who want to become one ascend the degrees of unity.

First, to the state of an embryo (Ibur). Here they annul themselves before each other and unite. Everyone bows his head to the environment and becomes an “embryo in the mother’s womb.”

Then they reach the stage of nursing (Yenika), where their connection grows stronger. Now they are already able to work with their will to receive, to rise above it.

Then the souls move to the state of maturity (Gadlut). The level of their connection allows them to connect with Zeir Anpin, and this stage is called Yesod de Gadlut, or Joseph.

From here we can understand the story of Joseph described in the Torah, whom his brothers sold into slavery. These events unfold around the fight for our connection so that we achieve mutual guarantee (Arvut) to the extent sufficient to reveal the Creator between us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/2/10The Book of Zohar“The Buds”

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