In Accordance with Nature

747.01Question: There are different calendars for measuring time: the Gregorian, Chinese, Jewish, etc. Why does everyone use exactly the same calendar all over the world?

Answer: It was simply accepted by the international committee. But did the Chinese live by this calendar, or India, or South America? No! If you take any of the Arab newspapers, a year written there is calculated from their prophet, not from the Christian one.

Jews also do not measure time by these dates. What is measured by them? This is only the external side. I lived for thirty years among Orthodox Jews. They measure nothing according to the usual calendar. Absolutely everything is measured only by the solar-lunar calendar: months relative to the Moon, years relative to the Sun, time relative to sunrise and sunset. That’s it! And there are no problems with this.

Holidays do not move anywhere. Everything is absolutely clear because in the Jewish calendar the Sun and the Moon completely coincide with each other. Therefore, it is clearly known on which days there may be which holidays. Let’s say Purim was on the fifteenth of the month of Adar. Then on the fifteenth of next month is Passover. Everything is absolutely clear, no problems.

The calendar has been around for thousands of years and it has not moved anywhere. There is no need to change to new time or old time; there is nothing to do because it is composed in accordance with nature. not just with the Sun or just with the Moon, but with both heavenly bodies that control us. Between them is the Earth.

The Sun shines through the Earth at the Moon, and thus we have phases of the Moon. That’s it; everything can be measured. You have no idea how accurately the calendar is compiled, astronomical hours, minutes, seconds, angles, etc. I can show you a book of ancient astronomical tables and with what accuracy they are compiled!

Question: But people could not take it from the outside. Can it be that there was some kind of internal record?

Answer: On the one hand, they took it from the inside, from their understanding of nature. But on the other hand they mastered all the dimensions because people needed a clock, for example to arrange a meeting. “You and I will meet at three o’clock in the afternoon.” Therefore the clock has always existed.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. When Did Time Appear?” 3/6/13

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