Origins of Time Measurement

746.03Question: How did it happen that people were able to carry accurate time throughout history? We know exactly how many thousands of years have passed since this or that event. How was it measured?

Answer: In Judaism, it is measured very simply and there is no problem with this! But when you look at some other dimensions, let’s say, some city is a 100, 600, or 1,000 years-old, then in Judaism this is not the time because the calculation comes from Adam almost 6,000 years ago. We know absolutely everything that happened on what dates: great people, great events, and everything else.

If we take what is written in our books and remove all the world philosophical and historical sources that historians and philosophers came up with by pulling them out of their heads without any reason, but simply because they think so, then you can see that everything is known and everything it is clear: who existed, at what time, and so on.

If you open Wikipedia, you will see how much is twisted there because everyone wants to say something in their own way: “This is what I think.” It turns out to be such an accumulation of all sorts of absurdities and conclusions that no one can sort out anything here.

I hope that when humanity begins to understand a little from within itself of what the truth is and will determine by the smell that this is true and this is not, then it will simply begin cleaning everything up! Then it will see that everything is clear and everything is understandable.

“We found the Qumran manuscripts and now we understand that the Bible is right!” or something else. But who are you anyway?! The chronicle has been kept for 6,000 years. Why are you with your conclusions climbing to the heights of the sages?! It seems so ridiculous.

All this is a blind human pride: nothing more than, “I want to have my say!” There is nothing new in the world, everything is described and everything is measured. We know everything that happened and on what dates.

It is written, “And there was morning, and there was evening, the first day.” That is all. Sunday is the first day and it is called so. From that day all the measurement started. Measurement of what? The period when humanity began to approach the next stage, to become humans. Before that, there was the development of inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels.

This is how all historical dates and processes are calculated. Why are they not measured by our clocks and rotation around the Sun and the Earth? Because none of this exists. All this is within us! There is no sun, no moon, no earth—nothing. These are our inner feelings.

Soon we will rise to the next stage of development and all past sensations will disappear. This whole cosmos, with everything that I now feel, will suddenly begin to move away as if in a fog, will leave my sensations until it ceases to exist at all. That is all. It also does not exist now. All matter is given to us in our sensations.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. When Did the Time Appear?” 3/6/13

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