The Group Is the Guarantor of Safety

528.03Question: Very often disagreements arise between several friends in a group, sometimes even of a purely corporeal nature. Is it possible for a person to insure against this?

Answer: No. Not in any way! We need to increase disagreements. A person will have the strength to overcome them if he has a strong ten that will hold him and secure him like climbers secure themselves. But all the same, he will always fall into an egoistic abyss.

If the group does not break up and holds on, it will pull him up, it will help, and he will again get hold of the goal with his teeth and pull himself out. The ten helps, but it cannot work instead of him. It gives the importance of the goal and throws the end of the rope: “Please, be strong,” and he has to pull himself up on his own.

But it happens that everything is in your hands, just latch the carabiner! But the friend does not want to tie himself to the others because that is it: “They will drag me, and I will no longer be able to detach myself.” He cannot. Here, latch the carabiner—but no! And he will move away, tangentially, on his own. There is a special trajectory along which a person moves away from the group: along a parabola, gradually, not abruptly.

He begins to be interested in some other similar things to be fulfilled with money, fame, power, knowledge; he is under some other stronger influence. In general, this is a problem.

But the crisis that is developing around helps a lot. People have nowhere to go, they begin to understand that we  are talking serious business, that we are sober, normal, rational people, that we actually know nature, both man and the world around us, and that we are not mystics, but, on the contrary, realists. And they see they are the mystics.

In the end, they will see: “No matter how much we despise them, hate them, and are ready to crumble and grind them, it turns out that they are right.” And they will have to agree.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Forecast for Next Year” 2/20/13

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