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294.3Question: What is deja vu? Is it a burst of memories or some kind of recorded program that a person sees?

Answer: There is nothing supernatural about deja vu. It is just how our brain digests everything. We do not enter either the past or the future, we are in the present all the time. Only this present can be accelerated with the help of a stronger influence of the upper light.

The light constantly acts on the desire it has created. Under its influence, the desire gradually develops in leaps, since it consists of four stages of development: still, vegetative, animate, and the human level. All four stages exist in still objects, plants, animals, and humans.

The desire develops to the fourth stage and then there is a qualitative leap. Then comes the next development in four stages, and again a qualitative leap, and so on. The light influences this desire evenly all the time, which develops qualitatively and quantitatively.

At first, the development of stages one, two, three, and four occurs mainly quantitatively. And when it goes to the next four stages, there is a qualitative leap, although quality and quantity are always interdependent on each other.

There is no sorcery or magic in Kabbalah but only one thing. When you understand how the world works, what you are going for,  and you connect physically in advance, do this training, expose yourself to the influence of the light, and realize that you are working with it, you attract it, you want it, and you know that the light is working to put you together with others.

By making such attempts, you accelerate the influence of the light on yourself because you, yourself take an active part, although a very small one, but still such that the light has a more effective impact on you. This is all that Kabbalah can do, nothing else.

Just like in our world, when raising a child, we give him some exercises, i.e., we accelerate his development along a kinder path. Of course, he will live out his years anyway, he still has his own program, and his fate depends on others anyway because we are all interconnected, but we are trying to provide him with the best tools for the path of life.

The same is true on the spiritual path. There is nothing special here. That is how we work. This technique is called Kabbalah—accelerating our development in a good way.

I hope that the uniqueness of this system will finally be revealed and will allow us, like a small child, to quickly walk on a good path at a good pace, to gain intelligence, strength, and in good health, in good connection with others to come to a good result and not look for it in the dark, like little lost children.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is Deja Vu?” 5/19/13

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