An Invitation to the Celebration of Connection

229If you look at the entire history of mankind, it is clear that people have always strived to improve the conditions of their existence in human society; meaning, they were looking for how to exist together.

Wars ended and peace was established for a short time, but then they started again. And until now humanity does not understand how to come to a good life, peace, harmony, and rapprochement between nations.

It is clear to everyone that if we give up mutual claims and reach mutual understanding, then life will be better. But we are not able to do this because of our egoism. Within everyone there is an egoist with his desire to enjoy that opposes his connection with others.

After all, connection presupposes my willingness to help another and his willingness to help me so that we are like one person with no calculation of what benefits I will receive and what he will receive, but only to make sure that it is good for everyone.

This formula is not clear to us, and we are not able to implement it to even a minimal extent. Therefore humanity is constantly looking for ways to approach the state of universal connection in which everyone will support each other and provide everyone with a good and safe life—children, women, and men. With this agreement, the globe will be able to provide all of us with its resources; it will only be necessary to distribute them correctly and kindly so that everyone has enough.

Subconsciously, humanity understands that it would be better for everyone. But at the same time, for thousands of years we have been increasingly disconnected and do not think at all about how to fulfill this natural condition of living in brotherly love as one person.

But more than once over thousands of years of ordeals, humanity has had this idea of how wonderful life would be if we could get closer, unite, and take care of each other. How much it would spare us suffering and the exhaustion of strength and resources. All the work could be done together easily and with pleasure, confidently and joyfully.

Mankind has been talking about this and thinking about it for a long time, and in fact at some point in ancient times, in different parts of the world, there were such communities that acted together as communes. They existed until egoism exploded in each of these communes and destroyed all harmony and unity.

Today we are at a stage when all these attempts have already been passed and discarded: extreme right-wing ideas and extreme leftist, radicalism, capitalism, socialism, anarchism, etc. In all these formations, there was not a single principle that we could keep so that it would more or less satisfy everyone.

And that is why, since the end of the twentieth century, the science of Kabbalah has begun to be revealed to mankind, and it is being revealed especially decisively today. Before that, Kabbalah, in contrast to all other methods, was hidden and banned for distribution. Kabbalists carefully concealed it and waited for the time when humanity would understand that existence is possible only if it rises above its egoistic desire, its nature.

Today we can already say that we have tried all the methods and all the techniques, attempted to implement them, and we are convinced that it is impossible. What remains is only to follow the science of Kabbalah. Only a little involvement is required on our part, but in the end all corrections must be revealed from above, which means from nature itself.

That is why we have gathered here in order to try, through our connection, to achieve the joy of awakening, in which all the dreams and hopes that have accompanied humanity for the many thousands of years of its life in this world are realized in the optimal, best form. Then humanity will see that we are finally coming to the right decision.

The upper force, the upper light, the Creator, shines on us and we feel His impact since the closest to Him according to the nature of creation, the root of our soul, is the so-called “point in the heart.”

Therefore we are obliged to approach the Creator and help the process of development from our side so that it comes not only from the side of the upper force, which wants to bring together and unite all the parts of creation, but also on account of those parts of creation itself that are awakening in our time, which is why it is called the “last generation.”

These are not only select individuals as it was for thousands of years in previous generations. A lot of people have been awakened today, both men and women. They are ready to work on their internal changes in order to raise the whole of humanity from its current degree, where it has existed until now in suffering and troubles, to a sublime beautiful state, to understanding and awareness, to a huge revelation of the perfect state, to attainment of the nature of the Creator.

There is no other force except Him, the good who does good, who loves everyone. And we have to get closer to this love and become incorporated in it. This is what we need to learn so that love reigns between us, and then the Creator will reveal Himself between us.

I hope we are close to this revelation. Everything depends on our efforts. It is necessary to reveal love between us so that it fills up all the space between us. And then the Creator will manifest within this love, which we are preparing for His revelation. Go ahead and good luck!
From the World Kabbalah Convention “Celebrating the Joy of Connection 8/28/22, “Deriving Joy from Unity with the Creator,” Lesson 3

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