Blessed Are Those Who Work Together

294.2More and more problems are revealed in the world as a result of the lack of communication between us that is revealed from above. The upper governance wants to show us how our connection is flawed and how insufficient it is for the revelation of the upper light, the upper force, the Creator between us.

The Creator is a consequence of our connection. The more we connect with each other, the more the Creator is revealed between us. Therefore, the Creator is called “come and see” (Bo-Re). After all, by coming closer and connecting with each other, we build Him, as it is said: “You created Me.”

And if we are not connected with each other, it is as if there is no Creator, there is no one to turn to. The common force that we want to reveal in the connection between us will be the Creator, to whom we can turn for help.

For example, now when there is a threat of famine and many countries realize that they need to work together, this will bring them a blessing. But don’t think that it will go so smoothly and easily. At the same time, there will be many countries that do not want to cooperate and they will raise prices and will burn the harvest.

We are entering a period when the actions of nature, meaning the Creator, become very direct and purposeful in order to force us to feel and understand His intentions, as if to stand right in front of Him. The Creator requires us to behave correctly and we must respond to this demand.

The duty of our world Kabbalah group is to manage the correction process without remaining passive. We can turn this movement to the left or to the right, promote connection, and explain to everyone what to do like a captain standing at the helm, commanding the sailors, and explaining how to act at every moment.

That is how we need to explain to all mankind where we are and how we can be saved from the blows of the waves so that everyone can dock at the quiet, promised shore.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/22, “The Ways of the Lord Are Straight”

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