Rise Above the Body!

600.01Question: Do you have a fear of death as such?

Answer: No. I think that people who start studying Kabbalah generally lose their fear of death and even develop a desire for it. It seems to them that there is a desire for physical death, but in fact, it is not. It is a growing desire in us to nullify ourselves, but we feel it in this form for now.

If we knew that there is such a joy in anticipating death, then we would even rejoice. After all, this is not death, but a feeling of self-annulment, the disappearance of one’s egoistic “I,” the transition to “we.”

Comment: But a person is usually ready to do everything to save his life. If you approach him with a knife, he will panic.

My Response: This happens at the animate level. When we rise a little to the next level, we completely disconnect from this animalistic fear and even begin to feel joy from losing connection with the animate level.

Comment: Some people are afraid of injections or something else. It turns out that we associate ourselves with the body, we are afraid to hurt it.

My Response: Rise above the body! There is nothing special about it. There are lots of training programs of all sorts that are not related to Kabbalah. Rise above it!

Question: But why does a person associate himself with his flesh? Everything is about one’s body,  how to bring it to a state of perfection so that it does not hurt.

Answer: This is, so to speak, the imperative of our century. In this way we part with our body and give it the last strength and attention. And that is all. Now it will pause.

You can see that a culture is already emerging where people do not care how they dress—on the contrary, rags are in higher esteem than evening dresses. I think that the crisis over the next few years will shake up humanity and shake out all the whims from it. Then it will get easier.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Anticipation of Death” 2/5/13

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