Where Should the Appeal to the Creator Come from?

938.07Question: How can one form the request to cancel the egoistic shell and exit to the real internal connection of the hearts? What is this request? How to express it?

Answer: This is a question that has no answer. You yourself, by your own efforts should get close to feeling how you need to ask in order to deserve an answer. In the meantime, you have not earned an answer because your demand is not yet sufficient either in strength or in content.

Look how it is written in the fifth excerpt, Maor VaShemesh: “The most important is true connection and love and affection among the friends. This causes all the salvations and sweetening of judgments. When you gather together in love and friendship, by this, all the judgments are removed, sweetened with mercy, and complete mercy and disclosed Hassadim [mercy/grace] are revealed in the world by connecting.”

This is what you need to think about. The appeal to the Creator must come from connection, from the correct relationship between us. It is incredibly hard, but this is how it should be arranged.

And what are you asking for? You have to reach a state where you have done the maximum that you can to get closer to your friends and found that there is still a gap between you. Feeling this gap, you shout to the Creator to help you jump over it. Then it will work.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe—Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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