Iran, Jews, and the Atomic Bomb


In the News (Israel National News): “The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Saturday warned that the establishment of a joint defense alliance between Israel and the Arab states in response to Iran’s UAV attacks, and announced that the move would only exacerbate instability in the region. ‘This will be a catalyst for tension and divisiveness,’ a spokesman for the ministry said. …

“A new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed that Iran is increasing the rate of its uranium enrichment with the help of advanced machines installed in an underground complex. According to Reuters, Western diplomats have already been warned that these machines will allow Iran to construct a nuclear warhead faster than before.”

Question: Iran is very successful at blackmailing everyone. Israel is Iran’s main target. What are our actions, can you tell?

Answer: Our actions are to think about our own security, about ties with neighboring countries, and to strengthen all this. But, in principle, this is Iran’s politics. All its weapons, all its conversations go only to politics. Otherwise, it will not feel like the primary country of the world. And it won’t go beyond talking, because it will lose.

Question: Do you think it weighs everything so rationally?

Answer: It weighs very much so! Iranians are very smart, cautious, and balanced. Therefore, I am calm in this regard. They will annoy you from all sides, harm you, but they themselves will not get under attack. It is necessary to behave with them in such a way as to leave them at this level and no more. But they on their own will not do more.

You can’t destroy anything. The world is arranged in such a way that if you want to do good, to destroy evil, you must do it only in accordance with the upper law of nature.

It depends on our Jewish attitude to the world, to ourselves, and to the Creator. We should think correctly about how to balance the world so that the Creator manifests in everything within it; so that there would be as little evil as possible, as much good as possible, and we strive for the good to triumph. And in this way we will do everything possible to reveal the Creator in this world.

Question: How can you make good triumph without destroying evil?

Answer: We cannot destroy anything—neither evil nor good. We can only tie them together in such a way that good always covers evil. And evil will grow and good will grow even more above it.

Question: How do we respond to this accumulation of evil, this hatred of us, and nuclear weapons?

Answer: This is all so that we grow in goodness and develop kindness.

“Good” is love for one’s neighbor, the connection between us, first of all, amongst us in Israel, then between us all over the world, and then all over the world.

If we are connected by good ties or “love your neighbor as yourself” in Israel, then by this we affect the whole world. The nations of the world will see us like this and want to be like us.

This is the law of nature! If we treat each other correctly, then automatically proceeding from this, the nations of the world will feel that we are filled with kindness to each other and to them as well. It will work on everyone.

That is, the warmth we generate here and send to others, begins to envelop the whole world.

Question: Do you still single out this nation as essentially the core of all problems and precisely the core of everything?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: This is what they accuse us of being “The chosen people.” They feel like they are the chosen people all the time. We’ve talked about it more than once, but it’s still going on. I see in the comments how they write: “Jews again. It’s them again.”

My Response: They also stutter about us in every second word! So where does it come from? Why is it in them?

Question: Then how come that these 0.3%, whose land is exactly the same, who are just an eye of a needle, are somehow always in the news?

Answer: This is the navel of the earth.

Question: Do you think there is a spiritual root here?

Answer: Of course! That’s the way it is.

And where do we see this? We see this constantly throughout history. There is no need to prove it or philosophize.

Being the chosen ones is chosen for being responsible for correcting the world. If Jews do not do this, then people hate them, beat them, and push them forward to correction.

Comment: How can we calm Iran down?

Answer: Only if we unite among ourselves and show the whole world the method of connection.Then they will calm down. Very simple!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/11/22

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