Will the US Really Support Israel?

448.8Question: Biden and Lapid signed the Jerusalem Declaration whereby the United States and Israel affirmed strategic cooperation and the US committed to enduring support of Israel’s security. The main point is both countries commitment not to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. How much value is there to these declarations?

Answer: Zero.

Question: That is, in “hour-x” everyone will still do what is beneficial to them?

Answer: Circumstances change, everything changes.

Question: Why do we sign these declarations?

Answer: It is politics, it is a game. They live by it.

Question: Do you think that both sides understand that this is all fiction?

Answer: Yes. Sometimes it delays advancement toward one direction or the other for a while, but no more than that.

Question: So Biden or someone else will not say: “I gave my word, so I have to keep it”?

Answer: Such words and generally such communications are not embraced.

Question: And when will the declaration be 100% fulfilled?

Answer: When you hold the opposite side by the throat.

Question: Are you talking about our world today? We have to hold someone by the throat and then he will do what he signed up for?

Answer: Sure.

Comment: In general, ideally two parties sign the declaration…

My Response: It is only if people and countries are under the influence of the upper force, then they perform. Then they do not need any extraneous restrictions or pressures.

Question: And what is it? Do they perform out of shame, out of some duty? When they are under the upper force, then they are, so to say, obliged to keep their word?

Answer: They are obliged because they determine their future by this. I am not signing with the opposite side, with some people, but with the upper force. That is all. So there are no other conversations here anymore.

Question: In that case, what works more, respect for the upper force or fear?

Answer: Respect that comes from the fear that I am under His power in an absolute sense. This is the most reliable. And I cannot break my word. It is the same as if I am killing myself, the people, the state, the world.

The declaration will work only if we are afraid of the Creator. Otherwise, nothing will work.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/18/22

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