The War From The Middle East Will Move Through The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (From “If the world stops buying the U.S. debt, it will lead to the collapse of the pyramid. …The U.S. sees the way out of this impasse in the outbreak of another war, against which their problems will seem small.

“Palestine would not have raised the question about their recognition without the consent of the United States. And the U.S. is already talking about the need for Israel to return to the 1967 borders …because America needs a war in the Middle East to bring instability closer to the borders of its geopolitical rivals: China, Russia, and Europe.

“In the mid-twentieth century, the Anglo-Saxons for the sake of war, after which the dollar has become a major reserve currency, returned European allies to Hitler and turned a blind eye to Nazi atrocities. Today, the Americans and British make Islamic fundamentalism the shock force of a new war. …Hence their direct assistance to the ‘Muslim brothers’ to change the secular regimes in the Middle East to Islamic.

“The United States ‘deserted” their friends and associates… to replace them with various forms of “Al-Qaeda.’ For them, Gaddafi is worse than Islamic extremists. Why does the U.S. not stop Turkey, which acts in relation to Israel as never before?

“The leaders and citizens of Israel have to learn who tries to put them once again in jeopardy, by solving its immediate problems to preserve its world supremacy.

“Iran is now trying to ride the wave caused by the States.

“The monolithic nature of the West is destroyed, …not to speak about its reputation.

“Libya is expected to ‘collapse’ …because the U.S. needs a base for ‘Al-Qaeda’ in Libya, from where fundamentalism, terrorism, and chaos will spread across the region. In addition, it needs a military base for the war with Israel.

Then, the U.S. desire to bring to power the radicals in Syria. Syria strangled the first phase of insurgency. …Syria would be able to resist only if it extinguishes the attempts to blow up the situation.

“Chaos and radicalism, which originated in the Middle East and strengthened on Israel, will move on. In a few years the U.S. will leave Afghanistan; the Taliban and other radicals will come there. They will proceed with Islamic revolutions in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. This is a direct threat to the security of Russia and China.”

My Comment: Only the aspiration towards unity will be able to stand against the U.S. and radicals; no one, including Russia, has any other powers. But the rapid development of the world towards globality and universal interdependence will frustrate the plans and weaken those who are against the tendency of nature towards a united world.

No one can escape total mutual guarantee and abiding by the law of equilibrium in nature. Egoism has finished its individual development and begun its connection into a single system: All the people will discover themselves interconnected, like cogwheels in a single mechanism. In this case, the one who desires to go against the unified movement will cause a backlash, the force of immense suffering, which will correct him and make him similar to nature.

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