We Are All At the Mercy of Microchips

571.03Question: It turns out that the whole world is at the mercy of microchips. Now they are critically lacking everywhere: in healthcare, in the automotive industry, robotics, in everything. How is it that we are so dependent on them?

Answer: Because everything works according to the same system: one – zero, zero – one. The microchip connects it all. It is very simple.

Question: Are microchips everywhere today?

Answer: Everywhere, of course. How can you do anything today without this information?

Question: How did we not foresee this?

Answer: No, we were seriously working on it. We knew we had to do it this way.

Comment: We were building them. We were building the main enterprises in Taiwan, technology in America, and suddenly something doesn’t add up, and the whole world is standing still. And now it can stop altogether.

My Response: The whole world will not stop because China will not allow it.

Question: But, in principle, do you agree that almost everything is tied to microchips now?

Answer: Everything is tied up on a microchip, of course! It is very good. But the fact is that this is not a simple industry. This is not something that America will take over today and start making tomorrow.

We need to work on it, make it. It’s not something that is passed down from generation to generation like pottery or anything else. So this is a very serious obstacle, one might say, a “trap” for humanity.

In general, today’s technology requires internal development. I can be an artist, I can be a poet, and we can be “in the field of ballet ahead of the whole planet,” but this will not help!

Question: Microchip is needed?

Answer: Yes, we need a microchip. The Taiwanese can make microchips. Take someone else, a European, he can’t!

We see that nature prepares such traps for us that we will have to change involuntarily. And we need to change ourselves! Or at least we will be forced to find out what we need to change and maybe not be able to.

Question: Can we come to some kind of “spiritual microchip”? Have we been led to this?

Answer: The spiritual microchip is a connection. Nothing else. Exactly the way microchip works: zero – one. That’s it.

Question: Does the microchip also work on this principle, on connection?

Answer: Only. The connection of duality, meaning, opposites.

Question: Is it the same with the spiritual microchip? A connection of opposites?

Answer: Yes, above both opposite phenomena.

Comment: That is, one way or another, the result is still the same and the conclusion, we are being led to this.

My Response: We are led in such a way that we will just lie down and agree to be “chipped,” meaning to be connected to each other so that something smart is formed.

Just as microchips are the center, the brain and the heart, of the device, so our connection is the brain and center of the arrangement of the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/4/22

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