The Effectiveness of Spiritual Work

530The effectiveness of spiritual work depends on how much I feel its importance and the support of the environment. This means, I am connected with a group that is constantly undergoing changes in such a dynamic that we feel as if we are in a single boat sailing through a raging sea. Yet, we are heading toward the cherished goal, the promised shore.

The main thing is to realize that we are inside the field of the upper force that controls us and arranges everything both from within and from without; it changes us, confuses us, hinders us, and helps us. It plays with us like an adult does with a child, trying to awaken in us all kinds of desires and thoughts that contribute to our development so that the child grows up and becomes ready for the future adult life.

This is the help we want to receive from the Creator through the friends in the ten in order to advance spiritually.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/22, Writing of Rabash, Article 164 “What to Ask of the Creator – to Be His Servant”

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