Good Attracts Good

610.2It is written: “There is none else besides Him,” which means that there is nothing but one, single, and the only upper force that operates in the entire universe.

And the fact that it seems to us that there are many different, antagonistic, and even absolutely opposite forces in the world is because this upper force presents this to us in such a way and governs all the other forces that are under its full authority from above. In this way, it governs, guides, and develops us.

We cannot see that only one force drives everything because we do not have the qualities to perceive it. After all, in order to feel this force, it is necessary to correspond to it in some way. We notice any phenomenon in the world only to the extent that we have the same qualities inside us. If there are no such qualities in us, then we do not feel anything. Perhaps there are many interesting phenomena happening around us, but we do not feel them and thus do not suspect their existence.

We are inside the upper force beside which there is nothing and it controls everything. Yet, if we have some kind of conflict at work or at home, then we do not feel that there is some kind of force behind them that in a concealed way controls all the events of our life. After all, we are very far from this upper force and do not identify ourselves with it. Therefore, it seems to us that there are many forces and actions in reality fighting with one another and that the world is full of opposing forces.

If we, however, begin to attach it to the Creator as the only force and want to reveal Him, we will find that there is really only one force operating in the entire universe that is good and doing good to everyone: to the bad and to the good.

A person should try to reach the same attitude to the world in order to also become good who does good, like the Creator. Then we will feel how the good force of the Creator dominates the entire reality, and that in fact, there is none else besides Him.
From KabTV’s “The World” 6/28/22

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