Echoes of the Inner World

963.6Question: Why are parents attached to autistic children? Can we say that this is a kind of permanent attachment at the level of souls?

Answer: Parents are very attached to such children because they begin to feel echoes of the inner world in him.

The fact is that there is a difference between the external behavior of an autistic person and his inner essence. He may be outwardly distorted, may not react outwardly, his movements and reactions, if any, are very limited. But those who communicate with him, those who are next to him, begin to understand and feel him.

They discover in these, from our point of view, unhappy people a huge inner world. When starting to communicate with autistic people, others feel how much gratitude and understanding come from them. This very much connects parents, brothers, sisters, and caregivers with such children.

Basically, we all are animals. The soul appears in us only if we develop it. Therefore, we feel each other well at the animalistic level. The only difference is that we feel this world better than autistic people. And they feel the world of inner sensations better.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/11

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