Conception And Destruction

562.02Comment: In the place where new life is born, in the amniotic fluid of a woman and in the cells of a newborn child, there is structured living clustered water.

In the place where life is destroyed, I mean cancer cells that do not work for balance and devour the body, these connections are broken.

My Response: Cancer is a vivid manifestation of egoism. Cancer cells form a body with huge egoistic energy that devours everything around it and eventually dies itself, because it destroys its own environment.

Naturally, the environment around cancer cells is absolutely negative and opposite to that which exists around the fetus and holds it with a huge amount of nutrients, energy, and information.

At the same time, the child is not just in the water, which protects him, like a water bottle, it is inside a huge amount of information. The mother’s body is the universe that surrounds it.

This is the difference between the kind, loving attitude of one organism to another, the mother to the fetus, and the selfish attitude that gives rise to a cancerous tumor, which, instead of giving life, destroys everything around it and dies itself.

Question: In other words, water, as a force of love and bestowal, contains the entire program for the development of life, right?

Answer: From minus to plus.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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