10 Quick Answers about the Creator

293Question: Where is the Creator hiding and why?

Answer: The Creator hides behind the entire canvas of this world, behind all our feelings and thoughts. If we want to attain Him, we must expand these actions, qualities, feelings, and visions, and then we will reveal Him as the basis of all this.

Question: What language does He understand?

Answer: The Creator understands the language of feelings when you relate to Him independently of yourself, want to feel Him and at the same time forget about yourself. That is, the feeling of the Creator must be absolutely objective!

Question: How can one understand that the Creator has no boundaries, that He is infinite?

Answer: I do not think we can understand this because a person perceives everything within certain limits. It comes gradually, precisely through the efforts.

Question: Does the Creator like when we pray to Him?

Answer: The Creator does not like when we pray to Him, worship or beg Him. The Creator loves people who want to come closer to Him because His state is absolute, the best! Which is what He wishes for the created beings.

Question: What is God like?

Answer: God is like absoluteness in everything!

Question: Does He have feelings and mind?

Answer: The feelings and mind of the Creator are not limited by anything. But we cannot talk about them because we perceive everything within a framework, within boundaries, in limitations.

Question: Does God have mysteries?

Answer: He has no mysteries. On the contrary, He wants to be fully revealed to the created beings. But at the same time, His task is to bring the created beings to a state where they can reveal Him. He is not hiding.

Question: What is the most real proof that God exists?

Answer: The fact that we exist.

Question: Which image can more accurately correspond to the Creator?

Answer: I would draw with the letters “י – ה – ן – ה”—”Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey.”

Question: What question would you ask the Creator?

Answer: Do you have anything else to show me?
From KabTV’s “Ten Blitz Answers about the Creator” 5/21/22

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