Spiritual Rebooting

565.02Question: If a person who has attained the spiritual world loses his contact with the Creator, and this is called sleep, can sleep be called a spiritual descent?

Answer: While sleeping, a Kabbalist is in a different state than an ordinary person because by the nature of his activity he is always striving for the Creator and wants to be in contact with Him. Even in his sleep, he subconsciously continues his activities.

But in spirituality, the state of sleep has nothing to do with a descent. Physiologically, a person falls, say, from the tenth step to the sixth step, breaks away, and departs from his activity. But this is a forced measure that keeps him in order to continue to work actively the next day. We cannot avoid it because our animalistic part requires certain care.

On the spiritual level, while in a state of sleep, meaning being in minimal contact with the Creator, a person continues to work in the way that is required for his soul. For him, this is a natural state, a spiritual reboot to rise to the next degree.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/28/22

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