Spiritual And Corporeal Significance Of Dreams

286Dreaming involves serious work on the part of our brain, it processes and stores all available information accumulated over a day or several days. The information is then allocated and stored in the archive of our minds. During this process, many random connections take place, so dreams frequently appear illusory.

In fact, during our dream state, serious decisions and actions take place. The mind works very intensively, but on a deep, inner level, which we have not yet explored. When this information has been stored and internally processed on the subconscious level, a person is ready to awaken.

We always see dreams. They constantly appear before us, for these processes are erratic inside our minds.

A person is now ready for the next day, for the following correct perception of information based on the previous day and the dream that he experienced, i.e., for a re-evaluation of the information that occurred during sleep. Therefore dreams, while disconnecting you from reality, allow you to correctly reset yourself and arrive at a new state with a different take on reality.

It is the same in spirituality since our world is a reflection of the spiritual world.

In spirituality, without falling asleep or disconnecting from reality like in our world, we consciously raise ourselves to the next level as if to the next day. Having broken away from the previous degree and not yet risen to the next one, we remain between them and wish to consciously transition from one to the other. This is the night between two days.

Between two realities we can feel such states that we are not internally ready for. We can feel what is not yet part of our understanding and see things that we are seemingly not supposed to see yet. We are still not ready for them.

Therefore, dreams are a very special, beautiful state from which you can draw far-reaching conclusions and find new aspirations.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #5

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