A Single Line—Influence of the Creator on the Created Beings

527.03Then from the Light of Ein Sof, a single line hung down from Above, lowered into that space.

And through that line, He emanated, created, formed, and made all the worlds
(Ari, The Tree of Life).

The line entering the empty space is the influence of the Creator, who influences the desire created by Him, located in this void. Thus, this desire begins to react to the influence of the Creator (to this line) and gradually transform itself inside this void.

This line is not the Creator Himself, but the thought, the plan, that exists before any actions.

Everything described in the book The Tree of Life was attained by its author, the great Kabbalist of the 16th century the Ari.

And every person has to attain this.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/5/22

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