Light Is the Foundation of Life

276.02Question: Is pleasure a kind of spiritual substance?

Answer: Pleasure is the filling by the upper energy.

Even in our world, it comes to us from above. The life that spins atoms, holds molecules, and all the chemical and biological transformations that fill and spiritualize us—all this is called light in Kabbalah.

Question: The light that Kabbalah talks about and Ari writes about at the very beginning of his book The Tree of Life, and the light that Einstein talks about as a kind of substance in his theory of relativity—are these unambiguous concepts?

Answer: In our world also, light is the foundation of life. But this is a consequence of spiritual light in the material world because our world is built as an imprint of the upper world.

Light is the highest spiritual energy from which a small spark broke into our world, into our empty universe, and gave birth to everything that exists in it today—everything that we know and do not yet know.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Does God Exist?”

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