What Is Left of Ancient Judea?

745.01Ancient Judea is a kingdom that existed for eight hundred years. 

What is left of it? Nothing! During the excavations, only prayer houses were found, the places where people gathered, and nothing more. Where are all the huge buildings, architectural monuments, and writings of a culture?!

Whereas in ancient Greece there is a lot to see! Ancient stadiums where the Olympics were held, Mount Olympus. Although it seems that this mountain is just seven to eight hundred meters high, these are all stones, but they remain.

In Rome too. Despite the fall,  the Colosseum, the arch, the Roman gates, and so on, remained. It is so in many places in the world. There is nothing there! Because there was nothing.

Nothing like this was built in Judea, except for the Temple. The Temple also was such that there was nothing to see. A very small space: a courtyard for men, a courtyard for women, a courtyard for the nations of the world, a few interior rooms, and that was it. The plan of the Temple has been preserved.

There is even a plan for the future Third Temple. But actually, it must be built spiritually, therefore its earthly architecture is also known.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Features of Judaism” 5/22/14

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